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FJ Cruiser

Italian Mama of All Sales. Driveaway Deals on Punto, Ritmo.
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This week's is a one show car. The Unit as he calls himself has customized.
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There are many different definitions out there.
I would like to embrace a definition that includes hydraulic drive.

I like the definition as it is simple and does not exclude technologies like hydraulics, springs and water wheels a diesel driven water pump, pumping water on a water wheel driving the wheels of the vehicle is silly, except for a toy - but you get the point .


Compressed Air. One of the vehicles of the day is the so called Air Car built round an interesting concept. One would think this is new technology system car, but as with so many technologies it has all been done before albeit wrapped in a different wrapper . .. as can be seen here! .

Small Car


Technology can have an impact on classic status. Cars that are the first, only or last model to use a significant technology are usually regarded as classics at an early stage due to their place in motoring history.


Maximum length 4 metres, maximum engine capacity 1.2 litres for petrol and 1.5 litres for diesel. There is no clear explanation why the change was made.


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