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Italian Mama of All Sales. Driveaway Deals on Punto, Ritmo.
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This week's is a one show car. The Unit as he calls himself has customized.
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The traditional car thief is motivated by the prospect of a ride home, a Toyride, or perhaps to use the car during the commission of a crime. When the casual thief needs a car, and the motivation and opportunity is there, he will steal any car, new, old or imported. To him, your very valuable car will be no different from a stock 1995 Openier Padmini. He has no discipline or values, he may be a car-jacker, an armed robber, and sometimes, a killer. To him a car is a car. He could totally destroy the car he steals, likely in resentment.


The professional thief is motivated by financial gain. His cars are usually stolen on order, and may be sold whole, or parted-out. When and why this thief steals is defined by the economics of the market that he serves, and the degree of opportunity that you provide him with.

Stolen Sequrity :


Stolen for components Premium, imported and antique cars can be stolen for components. For them to have a value, there must be a market. However, components of these cars are unique, very identifiable and rare to find.

Stolen cars are often a matter of supply, demand, and economics. In any country, cars of all shapes, sizes and makes are stolen for resale.

The stolen vehicles are usually sold in distant states or in mofussil areas with a new identity and papers.


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