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This week's is a one show car. The Unit as he calls himself has customized.
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That is fender bender has done some harm to our parked coupe and realizing our absence has absconded from the place without leaving a note then it won’t result in hue and cry but the possibility is he can be traced via the Car Camera Voyager Pro.

The car camera, custom designed from BlackBoxMyCar, is a voyager pro along with GPS logger would make your job of extracting the
insurance claim from the alleged harsh driver and alert the driver.


The kit comprises of a G-sensor that perceives the incident happened in our absence and the dear camera is capable of capturing footage 260 degree video recording from around 10 seconds before
until the 30 seconds after the mishap has occurred.

Stolen Sequrity :


Well, the revolutionary device is accessible during various situations. Likewise, if we are afraid of the singular presence of your difficult kids inside the car.

The product would relieve we from this unnecessary anxiety as the Car Camera Voyager Pro can function physically or mechanically, and sports a slick realistic user interface compatible with Google Earth that offers we a visual evidence of their gestures.Via Engadget

GPS reflects the location of the accident whilst the tag of $645 is an invitation to grab it and install it in our car, once it gets launched during every week.


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